I would totally do nothing but recommend your dogs to others who are looking for Shar Pei.  All of my friends and even strangers are asking where I got Onyx and I let them know.  I have nothing but positive things to tell them.
-Chris M – Lincoln, Nebraska

The vet couldn’t believe that Emmy was sold to us as a pet.  She said she hasn’t seen such a well proportioned Shar Pei puppy in a long time.  She was surprised that you didn’t keep her for breeding as she is such a good specimen.  We have had nothing but compliments on her.  The vet said you did an excellent job of breeding her.  Everyone just melts when they see her.
-Matt & Lynn K – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

We love our new puppy and we named him Wilbur.  He and Izzy have become best friends, and he is the friendliest most outgoing Shar Pei.  He loves to lie on our laps and cuddle as much as possible.  
-Roli N – Oyster Bay, New York

Lily has been a great little addition to our family and I'm so glad we decided to get her. She and Porter (our giant chocolate Shar-Pei) have been really inseperable since Lily arrived. Even though she's only 35 pounds to Porters 65 pounds, she really rules the pack. She's pretty sassy and keeps Porter in line, but she is so well behaved. The only trouble she ever gets in is when she and Porter decide that one of them will grab the toilet paper in the bathroom and run through the house, while the other one follows behind.
-Robyn & Chris E – Ontario Canada

I have to tell you about Murray.  He is such a lover boy.  I have never had a Shar Pei lap dog.  He is the most loveable dog I have ever had.  I call him cuddle bear.  Thank you again for this wonderful boy.  You have provided us with two gorgeous Shar Pei.
-Christy D – Columbus, Indiana

Mia is a fantastic dog and we just love her.  She is very social and very busy.  She has a great personality and we are very happy with her.  Thank you so much and again you are an awesome breeder and we are so happy with Mia!!!
-Angie B – Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Zeus is the love of my life.  I can’t thank you enough for providing me with such a great companion.
-Tiffany & Jim L – Crandon, Wisconsin

Gov'nor is great. He's such a little cutie, we are very happy with him. We will let you know if we have any questions in the future. Thanks for all of your help in providing us with a great pup.
-Chris J & Justine W – Woodbury, Minnesota

I want to thank you for being so helpful and kind with helping us with the process it took getting our puppy. She is wonderful! So adorable and smart, she is also partially trained. We absolutely love her. We named her Mya.
-Kevin & Daniela M – Union, New Jersey

I am emailing to update you on Echo. The last few months have been wonderful! He is a great lil guy, and we just seem to fall in love with him more as each day passes. As I'm sure I'd mentioned before, we live in a condo, where Echo has become quite famous. People I have never met before know him!!  Even people that are just moving in have heard about the 'cute little shar-pei named Echo on the 14th floor'! Literally EVERYONE has to stop and say hello to him.
-Anne D – Ontario Canada

Hello from Milwaukee!  It’s been so long since I’ve sent you some updated pictures of Maggie so I thought I’d pass some along.  You probably remember but Maggie was a puppy born from Serenity and Ruby back in May of 2003.  She is 6 already!  I cannot believe how time flies.  She is still a wonderful little puppy at heart and loves her baby sister Mae (our daughter who is 2 ½ years old).  As you can see by one of the pictures, her favorite thing is to lay on Mae’s blankets.  Thank you again for this wonderful little girl – she has and continues to be a blessing to us.
-Tim & Sarah T – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

As you know, Lilli is 8 1/2 months old...time goes by so fast.  She is a very happy & healthy puppy. She has so much energy and its great to see her so active & playful. Lilli gets a lot of attention wherever we go..especially from our families & friends. Everyone just loves her & she is so lovable herself.  Usually when I go to work, I bring her to  my parents house. Where she gets the royal treatment.
-Angie S – Rye, New York

Happy New Year! I hope all is well and you had a joyous and relaxing
holiday season. While much delayed, attached please find some photos of
our cute little girl. She is an absolute delight and our lives seem so
much more filled with her in them. Puppy classes have been going great
and Nala just loves the attention she receives everywhere we go.
-Laura D –  Bedminster, New Jersey

Wanted to let you know how happy we are with Cleo.  She was house broken quickly and very friendly.  Our vet is very familiar with the Shar Pei breed and is very impressed with her.  He was surprised you didn’t keep her as a show dog.
-Jackie P – South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I thought I'd share some photos of Mr. Midnight and Miss Delicious enjoying winter in the back yard.
They are such good buddies. One will not go outside without the other, and they love being outside.  They are such a joy to have and their personalities are different yet complimentary.  I don't know how you figure this out, but you certainly know how to identify a puppy personality and match them up.

I'll have my young nieces stay overnight once in a while on a Saturday.  Mr. Midnight and Miss Delicious can't wait to see them and are the center of attention.  They sleep in the same room as the girls - babysitting them through the night. 

Mr. Midnight and Miss Delicious are such a joy to have in our home.  We just love them to pieces!
-Sarah R – New Lenox, Illinois

Just wanted to let you know our puppy is doing great and we are just thrilled that we chose a Shar Pei.  We've found that, compared to our chocolate lab, he's a bit of a clown and makes us laugh all the time.  He's especially funny when he barks at his blanket or his bed for no reason, or just sits down to watch us do the most boring thing like cooking dinner, and he looks completely fascinated.  It's also really funny how he snores and makes all kinds of "piglet" noises. Thanks again for sending us such a great dog!
-Barb C –  Bellevue, Washington

Well, the puppy has been officially christened Riley 'scrunchy' ... Indey has made me so proud!  He's the perfect big brother - he's tender but absolutely loves to tease Riley!!  They are hilarious together! 

Thank you for these beauties!  We absolutely love them!!  You have done a wonderful job!  Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference if the need should ever arise!
-Sonya E – Meriden, Connecticut

We bought a blue Shar-Pei from you on December 2nd and I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the newest member of our family.  We named him Dexter.  His personality is so funny!!  He makes us laugh on a daily basis.  He loves to rough house as much as he does cuddle.  He is just finishing up puppy class and has learned how to sit, stay, lay down, come, and most importantly LEAVE IT!!  We are so impressed at what a good puppy he is.  No chewing or barking.  He kennel trained nearly immediately.  He walks well on a leash and loves to go for walks when it isn't too cold.  Everywhere we go people remark on what a beautiful dog he is.  Even the vet that you recommended is impressed with him.  We tell everyone that we got him from you guys and recommend you to everyone that expresses interest in getting a Shar-Pei.  We take him out for socialization every opportunity that we get and he is doing well with those outtings.  He loves to play with other dogs and me and my husband plan on getting another one next year so that he has a playmate.  So we'll be seeing you then I guess!! 
Thanks so much for the great companion!!
-Mary & Dave P – Tomah, Wisconsin

I got a chocolate puppy from you in August and named him Coco, and he is just a joy.  So glad I got him.  My 87-year-old mother who was never a dog person just completely fell in love with him and brags about him down at the coffee shop just as if he were the grandkid.  I think she's a bit of a nuisance with bragging on how smart he is, ha, but it is true.  He's so smart he already knows all the words and commands my previous 9-year-old Genghis knew.  So I'm going to have to think of things to keep him from getting bored.
-Carolyn K – Kulm, North Dakota

Just wanted to let you know the dogs are great. Kona has had no accidents in the house and she is learning very quickly. The vet said she is an absolutely perfect Shar-Pei.   They play a lot and I have even caught Kaia licking Kona's whole face, tongue and all. They are both adjusting really well and we are all so happy. Thanks so much for the great dogs. They are the loves of my life!
-Tanya B – Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Everything went perfect.  Flight arrived at 3:59 pm.  I called at 4:01 pm, and asked when would be a good time to come in for a pick up.  They told me to come at 5:00 pm.  I arrived at 4:50 pm and she was there ready to go.  The lady at the Delta Airlines counter said, "Are you here to pick up a puppy?"  I said, "Yes."  She then said, "You are sooo lucky, she is the cutest puppy I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of puppies come through here."  She then asked me where I got her.  I told her to go online and look up "True Gems Shar-Pei"  I told her to send a note to Cheryl Zaic.  I told her how great it was doing business with you and everything. 

Our new puppy is home, she is happily getting acquainted to her new environment, and I honestly can't explain in words how happy I am to have done business with you.  Cheryl you made everything so easy for us, went out of your way to accommodate total strangers, and showed us a heart when ours was broken.  I can't thank you enough.  We will love her dearly, and care for her as if she were a child.  You are blessed.

Thank You,
-Kevin W – Pacifica, California

Our little pup, Myah, has grown to be 40 pounds and we've been to puppy and basic obedience school.  She is well socialized, loves going for car rides, we visit the dog park 2 or more days a week, take walks and see new people and dogs all the time. Myah is a treat. She brings a smile to my face so many times a day. She just cracks me up with her silly looks, smart thinking, overall spunky attitude and zest for life. 

The staff at our local vet just adore her. There's only one other shar-pei in this town so they don't get to see this breed often; they really love her up when she visits. She often gets taken to the back for a visit with all the other staff and I'm lucky if they bring her back after 30 minutes of waiting! She turns heads everywhere she goes and cannot wait for someone to give her attention. She eats it up!!  Spoiled rotten, that's for certain (but I wouldn't have it any other way). 

She really is a remarkable pup and I adore her so much. I want to say thank you again for doing business with us. I would do it all again so don't be going out of business for a few decades, please
-Michelle H – Minot, North Dakota

I purchased a mini girl from True Gem Shar-Pei. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with this breeder. Cheryl knows this breed inside and out. She gave me the time and told me things about the breed that have been so helpful and offers the option of calling her with questions and concerns. HANDS DOWN I would recommend this breeder! The eyes are wonderful and she really takes the time with you and her puppies. My little girl Shirley is healthy has great eyes and personality is wonderful. My vet loves her. I have had this breed for about 14 years from another breeder- bar none this is the best example of all of them. I feel that Cheryl really wants to better the breed and make it the best it can be.
-Mary Jane R – Kasson, Minnesota

The vet couldn’t believe that Emmy was sold to us as a pet. She said she hasn’t seen such a well proportioned Shar Pei puppy in a long time. She was surprised that you didn’t keep her for breeding, as she is such a good specimen. We have had nothing but compliments on her. The vet said you did an excellent job of breeding her. Everyone just melts when they see her.
-M & L Kehl – Fond du Lac, WI

Cheryl at home with her best friends.

Several years ago, Cheryl and her husband, Jim got their first Shar Pei dog from a humane society in Minnesota. Buster, with his incredible personality, became a wonderful learning experience, which led Cheryl and Jim to choosing another Chinese Shar Pei named Lola after Buster passed away. Lola’s intelligence shined as she and Cheryl a participated in and received a qualifying score at a sanctioned match at the Shar Pei club.

Cheryl’s experience with her next Shar Pei, “Q,” was the one who really hooked her. She wanted to show this beautiful and special breed of dog, learning as much as she could about it. She learned about their hereditary problems and how to avoid them in breeding. She knew that education was the key to owning and breeding such a unique and even “addictive” animal, and she spent several years just showing and learning about pedigrees and the various Shar Pei lines before she ever bred her first litter.

Cheryl very successfully produced healthy pups and educated new Shar Pei owners, so that people wouldn’t have to experience the steep learning curve and go through the difficulties Cheryl and Jim experienced those several years while they were learning.

Everybody who ever visited Cheryl and Jim’s home knows that their home belonged to their beloved dogs. In fact, there is a sign hanging in their front entry that says it all:

Our home is maintained
For the comfort and security
Of our Dogs.
If you don't like that,
Please go away.

After a valiant battle with cancer, Cheryl passed away on February 6, 2013. Her absence leaves a deep hole in our hearts, but we are greatly comforted by the many wonderful memories we have of her as well as the knowledge that she definitely lived her dream. This website was her way of providing the vital information that she had gathered about the Shar Pei breed. She couldn’t have done it without her many wonderful acquaintances: knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable Shar Pei breeders, who later became good friends. We dedicate this website to her memory and wish you all well as you seek to live your dream like Cheryl did.

Educating about the Shar Pei Breed

Whether you are looking for a cherished family pet or researching the Chinese Shar Pei breed, you've come to the right place. Here at True Gem Chinese Shar Pei, we are dedicated to the Chinese Shar Pei breed. Through careful pedigree research and knowledge of the various lines, we only breed dogs that we consider healthy and sound. We will provide you with the information you need; you'll meet the True Gem family of gentlemen and ladies and get a look at our available miniature Shar Pei, Shar Pei puppies, Shar Pei puppies from previous litters and available young adult Shar Pei.

Experienced Shar Pei Breeders

Our primary goal as Shar Pei puppy breeders is to produce healthy puppies with good temperaments and to only place them in homes where they will be loved and cared for their entire life. The decision to bring a Shar Pei puppy into your home should not be taken lightly. This is a lifetime commitment to an intelligent animal that will be your devoted friend and companion and give you unconditional love.

All of our adult Shar Pei live in our home, and all of our Shar Pei puppies are born and raised in our home with constant care, love and attention until they are placed with their new families. We do not have a separate kennel building where dogs and puppies are housed. Because each of our dogs is a loved family member, we have come to know its unique qualities. This helps us match just the right Shar Pei puppy to your needs to make your experience loving and rewarding.

As experienced Shar Pei breeders, we are dedicated to educating new owners about the Chinese Shar Pei. We won't disappear once you have purchased your puppy from True Gem. We are always available to answer questions and provide you with information about your Shar Pei puppy or adult Shar Pei. We are so dedicated to safeguarding the breed through responsible breeding that those puppies we place in homes as pets are on a strict spay/neuter contract.

We encourage people to visit our home, our adult Shar Pei and our Shar Pei puppies. Unfortunately that is not always possible. We are able to ship puppies when weather permits, during the spring and fall months.

Shar Pei dogs come in various colors, coat lengths and sizes. We have horsecoat and brushcoat puppies in most colors and in standard size Shar Pei and Mini Shar Pei. Also available in various litters are:

  • Blue Shar Pei
  • Chocolate Shar Pei
  • Miniature Shar Pei
  • Flowered Shar Pei

Please take a look at the True Gem Ladies and the True Gem Gentlemen and their pedigrees. We have many champion Shar Pei and the number increases yearly. Then visit our Shar Pei puppies and see the delightful results in all their various colors, coat lengths, and sizes. You only need to contact us to let us help you select your very own Shar Pei puppy or available adult Shar Pei.

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I'm a Chinese Shar Pei pup.

I come in a variety of colors, coat lengths and sizes. My hair length can be horsecoat, brushcoat or bearcoat. You can read more about the coat lengths in the Shar Pei Information section. My color can be fawn, red/fawn, red, cream, apricot, chocolate, blue, lilac, isabella, or black. I sometimes have a patterned color and I can also be flowered. I can also be a Standard Shar Pei or Miniature Shar Pei.

Although some of these colors, sizes and coat lengths are not acceptable for the AKC conformation show ring, I am still a purebred Chinese Shar Pei with all the most important qualities – loving, devoted and loyal to my family.

I am usually very wrinkled as a puppy, but grow into most of my wrinkles as an adult. I'm very intelligent and can sometimes be a little stubborn. I can be rather reserved with strangers, but with proper socialization as a puppy, I am dignified, confident and calm.

It is very important to make sure I am socialized early, trained correctly, and provided with quality food. I also need lots of love. So be sure that you purchase me from people who understand my needs and can help with information and answer all your questions.

I'm also described as:

  • Good with children
  • Easy to train
  • Good with other pets when raised with them from puppyhood
  • Require little grooming
  • A devoted and loyal companion